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Caiati Gallery | Roberto Caiati
    Caiati old masters Paintings and Sculptures was founded in 1991 as a successor to the gallery created by Lino Caiati in 1950 based in Via Della Spiga in the heart of Milan.

Roberto Caiati is the sole owner. His gallery deals the finest examples of Paintings, Sculptures and Works of Art
His personal philosophy bases itself on the appreciation of aesthetics and the emotional appeal of art.

The present-day gallery was opened in via Gesu' in November 1993 and completely refurbished in 2007, creating an ideal atmosphere for the viewing of paintings by clients and collectors from all over the world.

Caiati Old Masters Paintings and Sculptures regularly partecipates in the most important art fairs in Italy and abroad and issues a number of important monographs and catalogues - from Giuseppe Bernardino Bison's monograph in 1998 to the 2009 "Arrival of the Bride" by Faustino Bocchi. The latest of all made in conjunction with the “ The Sparkling soul of Terracotta” Art exhibition and developed by the main researchers of old Master Sculptors.

Roberto Caiati is in contact with the best art dealers in the world to ensure his clients can acces the best pieces in the international arena.
Caiati - Via Gesù, 17 - 20121 Milan - Italy - Tel. +39 02 794866 - - P. Iva 10402480155