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XVII Century


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  Giuseppe Nuvolone  
  (Milan, 1619 - 1703)  
  Saint John, the Evangelist  
  Oil on canvas, 51 x 44 cm (octagonal)  

An old inscription on the back of the canvas reads: “Giuseppe Panfilo.” This, of course, leads us to the name of author which also the stylistic analysis confirms. Panfilo was, indeed, the name of the father of the author and Giuseppe Nuvolone has been referred many times with such name in documents.
This unpublished “Saint John the Evangelist” was probably part of a collection with others octagonal paintings of evangelists. It’s possible to compare this figure in the painting with many others, singles or in groups, to be found in the production of the milanese painter.
The structure of the painting, with only one figure with a neutral background and the way the Saint looks up towards the sky is comparable with works of Francesco Cairo, a painter who Giuseppe Nuvolone surely looked up to.

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